How We Can Help You

We are the premiere immigration advisers in Tottenham North London. We have clients all over the UK and internationally. We are here to help you.

Dealing with the Home Office can be a very difficult experience for most people. Making an immigration application can be a very stressful experience for many people. Our lawyers simplify the process for you and explain things to you in simple language, whilst pursuing the Home Office or the Immigration courts to achieve a successful outcome. At the Legal Guys our lawyers pride themselves on being the very best immigration lawyers. They regularly attend training courses on immigration law and are up to date with all the changes in UK immigration law.

We specialise in all areas of immigration and nationality law and can assist both individuals and businesses with their immigration problems.

We regularly represent clients in the First and Second Tier Immigration Tribunal in appeals against deportation from the UK. We also represent clients who are in fear of their life if they go back to their home country and wish to claim asylum in the UK or submit a fresh claim.

We visit clients in prisons all over the UK to help them with their immigration issues, such as challenging deportation orders or bail applications. If you or somebody you know is in prison contact us for advice today.






The present government has created a hostile environment for people who are in the UK illegally. If you are illegal:


•You are unable to work


•You may have difficulty renting accommodation


•You will be unable to use the NHS


•If you are stopped by the police they will check your immigration status and will pass you over to the Home office