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Can i be deported if I am an EU National in the UK 

EU law provides some protection against deportationthat a person can use to challenge a decision to deport them. The EEARegualtions2016 state EU National can only be deported on grounds of publicsecuritypublic policy and public heatlh.Different test appply depending on the length of time the EU national has been in the UK. After 5 years Thw EU national obtains permanent residence and can only be deported on serious on serious , grounds of public policy or public health EU national is under 18 years old or has lived in the UK 10 years continuously  prior to the decision to deport.

Will I Deported if i am in the UK for less than 5 years

If the EU national has not lived in the continuously for 5 years before the decision to deport the EU national can only be deported on grounds of public policy or public security. any decision taken must be proportionate and should not be based  solely ..on the criminal conviction and must  take account of  personal circumstances including private and family life in the UK. . The EU national must represent a genuine , presentand sufficient serious threat affecting one of the fundamental interest of the UK.